Sophie wants the giraffe the original


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Sophie the Giraffe is the friend of the children, all to nibble on!

This toy for infants and children of a few months is recommended because:

  • it is shaped like a funny and smiling giraffe.
  • soothes discomfort in the baby's gums.
  • it is highly secure! made of 100% natural rubber and painted with food coloring.

Sophie the Giraffe the original, is part of the collection "Once upon a time" , the classic line to which the nibbling giraffe belongs, famous all over the world!

With Sophie the Giraffe, the child grows by developing the 5 senses !

The sense of touch

Sophie is soft and gives well-being to the baby.


When the baby presses her, Sophie plays, helping him develop hearing and understand cause-effect relationships.

The sight

When the baby is newborn, he sees only for contrasts. With her spots, Sophie becomes reassuring and instantly recognizable.

The taste

Made of natural rubber, Sophie is not bitter to the taste and is safe to bite in all its parts.


Sophie smells like vanilla and will become the child's favorite game!

Packaged in an elegant packaging , Sophie the giraffe is a beautiful gift idea for all children!

WARNINGS: It is not recommended to use it during the bath of your child to prevent the water inside it from forming over time over any unpleasant mold.