250ml neonatal sweet almond massage oil

Bubble & Co

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The neonatal massage is a special pampering to give your baby psycho-physical well-being and lots of sweetness!

It takes just a few simple gestures, delicate circular movements, light pressure with the fingers to create a deep relationship and tune in.

Bubble & CO sweet almond massage oil is ideal for sensitive baby skin.

Applied regularly to the whole body after a bath or before bedtime, it helps the baby to relax.

Also suitable for massages on the abdomen to facilitate the elimination of excess air, in case of gaseous colic and for leg and foot massages, for a relaxing effect.

Also effective for mothers in preventing the onset of stretch marks, during pregnancy, in preventing cracking of the nipple during breastfeeding.

It is an excellent carrier for oils in aromatherapy. On the skin it is safe at any concentration of use.