Zzzoolight Mini Bright lamp


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This Mini Bright lamp by Zzzoolight with an exclusive design in the shape of a Bear is a wonderful gift that adds joy and elegance to your children's bedroom. Inspired by the oriental culture and in particular by the tradition of origami, this bedside lamp is made of polypropylene, does not heat up and is low in energy consumption.

Equipped with a bright warm LED light that can be powered by any 5 volt USB source, it allows you to choose between two light intensities, one stronger for children's games or for reading adults, the other more ideal to accompany the little ones in a sweet sleep.

LED lamp 5V, USB cable connection - Consumption ›Bright light 1W› Night light 0.25W

Material: Polypropylene (PP)

Light effect: 2 light intensities, intense light for the environment and soft light for the night

Accessories: Ready-to-use lamp. Attention: the 5 volts USB power supply is not included

Packaging: A transparent PET plastic box, decorated with elegant and captivating graphics, contains the lamp mounted and ready for use

Certification CE

Energy class: A +