Sensory Development Gym for Children Yookidoo


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Yookidoo Gymotion development gym

Gym for activities to stimulate the development of the child with various activities:

STEP 1: Relax and play - improve focus, visual tracking skills and tactile-visual coordination;

PHASE 2: Belly and play - promotes head lifting, strengthens shoulders and upper body;

STEP 3: Sit and play - encourage exploration, awaken curiosity by teaching cause and effect of your actions.

Battery operated for the mobile accessory. Large mattress, circular themed pattern (machine washable). Easy attachment with trace affixed to straps on the arches and on the carpet for the multi-game position. 3 patterns: Prince, Princess, Dragon, Flower smiling with sliding rings to hang on the bow.

Large padded mirror to hang on the arch or can be placed standing on the carpet, double music mode (rest and play) with 10 minutes of consecutive songs and mute modes for quieter play.

Conveniently folds into an easy-to-carry independent case

Age: 0-12 months

NB (3 AAA batteries not included)