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Posted by Dagmar Sporck on

I have finally realised the webshop I was planning to build for some time. The idea is not new, but apparently I needed a kick in the a... to start it. The motivations, reasons are many, the most important ones:

  • the increased interest in online shopping;
  • the desire/need of local entrepreneurs to go online;
  • local crafts(wo)man and creative souls in search for a shopping window to offer their products (online);

I also realised that the Varese At Home Facebook community quite values the opinions and references of other members and prefers to keep it within a small group, see the success of the VAH-Sales group. And therefor I decided to build a local webshop (but people from all over Lombardy, Italy, Europe and the world are invited to shop too) addressing as much as possible the requirements

So here its is:

For the moment there are just two companies offering their products on this webshop but hopefully more will follow. The current two suppliers are:

  1. BimbiBirba, a webshop I acquired some time ago to help out a friend, but which I never really gave the attention it deserved so the toys stocked in our warehouse now serve as a first stock for VareseAtHome-Shop;
  2. Fiveol Textil, a local clothing company who started to produce face masks for personal use this week. These masks are mainly being sold via pharmacies but they can also be ordered and delivered at home via VareseAtHome-Shop.


Via my own company Salesupply Italy and the international network of Salesupply me and my excellent team of colleagues and collaborators support (international) webshops in Italy and abroad for almost 10 years now. We offer various services ranging from consultancy, support with internationalisation of webshops, customer service in 15 languages (exclusively with mother tongue operators) and a logistical services.

In our office in Varese we have enough storage facility (and will expand further in the course of 2020) from where we can prepare orders for our customers, we take care of storage, order picking, packing, shipment preparation before we hand the parcel to the courier who takes care of the (last mile) delivery.

As you can imagine taking care of the orders for the Varese At Home Shop is no problem at all for us, we have everything in place: storage, packaging, shipping labels, contracts with carriers and last but no least, customer service. Orders placed before noon can be shipped the same day and be out for delivery the next day already. Amazon, be warned ;-)

Can I sell my products on Varese At Home Shop too?

Yes, you can! Just contact me, Dagmar, or fill out the contact form on this website. Together we can work out the best way to collaborate. And of course you can also use the contact form to suggest a shop you think could be useful to have on Varese At Home.

Happy Shopping!